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1st December
written by Randy

Today is the first day of December, and it also begins a wild month of travel. I’ve got 12 flights booked, all of them going to states in which I’ve never been.

This morning, I’m getting on a flight to St. Louis, where I’ll see the Gateway Arch and meet a friend. Then tomorrow, I fly to Little Rock. On the 3rd I fly to Dallas, where I’ll rent a car for four days and go see Texas, including Austin (and hopefully meeting up with Karol Gajda), San Antonio, and The Alamo, before returning to Dallas.

On the 7th, I fly to Albuquerque, where I’ll rent another car for 2 days so I can also visit Santa Fe and Taos. Then on the 9th it’s Oklahoma City and on the 10th to Kansas City (where I’ll also drive over to Topeka), before returning back to Chicago for three days on the 11th. Before I pick up again with more travel on the 14th.

These seven flights will knock out the 6 southwestern states to which I have never been. And the best part is, I got them for $30 each! So I’ll make seven flights through six new states for less than most people pay for one round trip.

If you live in or near one of these cities, and would like to meet up. Leave a comment here, or on Facebook, and let me know!

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