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6th December
written by Randy

I do crazy things.

People used to shocked by it, and for a while that was fun. But now they’re not shocked anymore, and that’s fun too. I don’t do it to shock people, but I will admit that I enjoy it when it happens.

I do crazy things because it makes every day fun. I don’t worry about what’s “normal”, or what people will think of me. I allow my life to be an experiment, and that has made it an amazing experience for me.

I don’t worry what people will think about me shaving my armpits and giving up soap. I throw away my alarm clock the week before starting a new job. I say things to job recruiters that most people would never say.

Most of the time, it works out for the best. But no matter how it works out, the important thing is that I live happily, without second-guessing myself and worrying what other people will think. Every day is a potential new adventure, and I enjoy every minute of it.

At the beginning of this year, I started a web site, claiming I would learn to speak a new language fluently every year! Perhaps it’s crazy, but as the year is drawing to an end, I’m already reasonably fluent in Italian, and more importantly, I now have one of the most well-known language-learning blogs on the internet. And through this adventure I’ve met interesting people and made many new friends all over the world!

This year I also set out on a mission to see all 50 states, and in addition to all the fun of doing that anyway, one of the unexpected benefits has been that it gives me something interesting to talk about. People often ask “so, what brings you here?” When I answer that “this is state number 43 on my mission to visit all 50 in one year,” their eyes get big and a fun conversation begins!

You can do it too. Do crazy things! Those are the things you’ll always remember. In 20 years, you’ll look back and you won’t remember any of the responsible decisions you made, but you’ll always remember the crazy things you did. And frankly, the people around you will be much more interested in hearing about them.

That’s what this blog is about. Doing crazy things. Think big. Dream big. Take no prisoners. This year is almost over, and soon it will be 2011. I’ve already got big ideas for next year. Are you thinking about what your yearly challenge will be?

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