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29th October
written by Randy

How many times have you heard incredible stories from people about the lucky breaks they’ve gotten. Someone tells you about how they got an incredible deal on a purchase, or they got to enjoy something other people don’t, or who knows what, all because they were in the right place at the right time.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard of someone who got the opportunity to travel somewhere cool, all expenses paid… or someone who bought an awesome car for very little money… a widow selling something she doesn’t know the value of, or a divorcee selling something cheap to spite her husband, or whatever.

That kind of thing used to frustrate me. All my life, I would hear these stories and think, “why doesn’t that ever happen to me?” We all have. How many times have you asked, “how come I never get those lucky breaks?”

But this week I had an interesting realization. Those breaks are around us all the time. It’s not that the breaks are never there… because they are! They’re available for all of us. The problem is us. The problem is that instead of putting ourselves in positions to take advantage of such things, we’re always making such things impossible for ourselves — practically ensuring that someone else gets those breaks instead of us.

I realized this last night, as I was booking a two-week long, seven-segment flight through six states in the southwestern U.S. You see, I got a promotional email from Southwest Airlines offering flights for $30 one way for anything under 450 miles, as long as you fly between December 1 and December 15, and not on a Sunday. In other words, if you don’t have a job in December, you can take advantage of this incredible deal.

That’s when I realized that finally, I had created for myself a potential to do these incredible things, rather than sit and complain about how other people get to do them. By paying off all my debt and saving money, I made a life that required me to work less. By haggling with recruiters instead of jumping at the first available job, I ensured that December and January would belong to me, and nobody else. And when this amazing deal came along, I was able to take advantage of it!

In fact, it was hard to stop myself at seven flights. I really wanted to exploit the bargain even further, but now that I also have the luxury of time, that’s an urge that I can resist. It’s not necessary to fill every day so full. I can relax and enjoy life at a comfortable pace.

So now, I realize that being in the right place doesn’t mean standing in a physical location, it means having your life in the right place. It means creating opportunities and setting yourself up to take advantage of them. Being in the right place means being responsible, living cheap, having free time and a few extra dollars laying around, so that when an amazing opportunity comes up you can take it!

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