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5th October
written by Randy

Too often, people see unemployment as a stressful situation. But I see it as an opportunity! The first thing I did when I knew my job was coming to an end was to book travel for the places I would never otherwise go.

Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho… with the exception of Salt Lake City, there isn’t even a reasonable-sized airport in any of these states, so there’s just no way I would ever see any of them on a typical weekend trip. And whenever I take off a whole week from work, I try to use that for a much more compelling destinations, like Europe.

But with no job beckoning me back there is no time limit on my travel, and no reason to rank one destination higher than another. I can go to all of these places, and still decide to go somewhere “more compelling” when I’m done. Who will stop me? Who will complain?

So tomorrow morning I leave for my “national parks tour”, which will include Salt Lake, Mt. Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park, as well as some other, lesser-known natural treasures in the unsettled western states. I’ll fly into Salt Lake City, then rent a car and drive in an enormous 1,500-mile circle over the next five days.

Not only will I finally see some sights that most Americans never get around to seeing, but in doing so I will also set foot in five more states, bringing my total up to 39, and leaving me with only 11 states I haven’t seen and plenty of time left to get to them all this year.

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