5th November
written by Randy

Over the past few months, I have been simplifying my wardrobe, thinning out what I own, mostly getting rid of what’s there, but occasionally adding something to make it all work better.

Completely changing a wardrobe makes for a really dramatic television show, but in everyday life it’s not so easy. Some things have to be done gradually for monetary reasons. Other things just need to be done slowly to prevent shock.

I’ve been going through the process in phases, and I think it makes sense to write about those phases separately. So I’ll have a few more posts coming on this topic soon.

Today, I’m going to start with color.

For most of my life, I’ve shopped for variety. I’ve always had black shirts, brown shirts, green shirts, white shirts, blue shirts… etc. I have black pants, brown pants, gray pants, khaki pants, white socks, blue socks, black socks, khaki socks, t-shirts, tank tops, and more.

My clothes had too much color. This may be less of a problem for other people — a family of four, may have no problem filling up a load of whites — but for a single guy, having to keep three separate loads for white, light colors, and dark colors means two things: having to own a lot of each, and always having something dirty left over.

All that variety wasn’t making my life better, it was making it worse. But I didn’t realize that until I started getting rid of it.

So the first thing I did is buy a couple packages of black socks and a couple of plain black t-shirts, and then I gathered up all of my white socks, white t-shirts, and white briefs, and tossed them out. Now, the only white things I have left are a couple of nice shirts, and those can be hand-washed or dry cleaned.

Laundry day just got much simpler! I no longer have to wait several weeks for that basket of whites to fill up. And I don’t need to own so many shirts or socks because I can wash them more frequently since the colored basket gets full faster.

I now have half as many socks and one-third as many t-shirts as I used to… and as an added bonus, everything matches! After a week or two of this, I realized I could get rid of all those other brown and blue and gray socks that I was only saving because they matched a particular pair of pants.

Just this one change has had a huge, positive effect on my happiness. It means less mess, less work to clean, less work sorting and folding and putting away… and less “stuff” that I actually own.

  • http://www.gamerdna.com TrapperMarkelz

    That is a pretty awesome idea.

  • http://www.yearlyglot.com/ Randy the Yearlyglot

    Sometimes it’s the simple changes that make the biggest difference.

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