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2nd February
written by Randy

With six goals for this year, it’s possible that I may be taking on too much — especially with the reality that marathon training will consume a lot of time and energy. We’ll see.

But I’m tired of putting off until tomorrow what can be done today.

I have always wanted to be a good dancer. At present, there is no question that I am not. In fact, I’m not even an okay dancer. I’m an embarrassment to dancing.

So that’s going to change. Just as with my running goal, dancing is an activity that has always interfered with my belief that I can do anything. The only way to fix that situation is, of course, to learn and practice and become a good dancer.

Like running, this will be a great physical activity for me. One that will, hopefully, help me to improve health, my stamina, my posture, and my grace. (And being a good dancer doesn’t hurt with the ladies, either!)

At present, I haven’t figured out how to measure this goal. Dancing is a vague description, and “being a good dancer” is very subjective. I need to figure out what kind of dancing I will do, and I need to set a target for success.

For the moment, I think it must necessarily be some form of “ballroom dancing” — that seems fitting for my James Bond world-view. And it seems to me that the most interesting, most popular, most attractive ballroom dancing happens in the Latin discipline.

I spent an evening learning cha-cha with a friend last December and really enjoyed it, so I’ll probably start with that. I’m going to need to define a criteria for success soon. When I return from Italy, I’ll look into what kind of dance events happen around the end of the year, and find one to sign up for.

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