17th March
written by Randy

I pretty much have nothing to hide. I can think of very few things that I think are too personal to share with anyone who asks. And if I think those details might be of interest or of help to someone who reads my blog(s), I don’t see any reason not to share them publicly. Because, you see, I really have nothing to hide.

The person I am online is the person I am offline. I’m not acting. I’m not pretending. I may limit the subjects I talk about to only those which seem to interest the readers of a particular blog, or the people in the group I’m standing among, but I’m not tailoring my behavior or personality to fit the crowd I’m in at any given time.

What you see is what you get.

But even though I’ve been living in this relatively open, relatively public, online manner for more than 6 years now, I never stop being surprised by the reactions of others. People discover “oh, you have another blog?” and they act is if they’ve caught me at some kind of lie, or discovered some kind of hidden secret about me. I find this reaction unbelievable, perhaps even crazy, because if it were really such a secret, it wouldn’t be online!

From time to time, people take an interest in me as a person (I can’t guess why anyone would be interested in me, but it happens) and they start digging. Oh, and there’s so much to find! I have a lot to say about language learning. I am a programmer, with lots of opinions about my career. I have plenty to say about goals and adventure. I also have a great passion for photography. I have a lot to say about photography (NSFW). And I’ve made my fair share of artistic photos (also NSFW).

I say a lot of helpful things. And also some amazingly controversial things. And some funny things. And among the right people, I also say some rather personal things. I am passionate about being phoneless. And since I have a lot of foreign friends, I also try to share some of the more interesting details about being in America.

I have done many interesting things, and there are many more interesting things I want to do in my life, and not all of them are on my bucket list. I have been to a lot of places, and there are many more places I want to go.

Wanna see me acting like a retard? I’m on YouTube. Wanna see my error-filled attempts at writing in other languages? That’s public too. So are my stupid attempts at being funny to Italians. You can see what I reading on Google. You can look at my Amazon wish list. Hell, I even share what music I’m listening to.

None of this is a secret.

It’s all right here, in the open. I don’t care if you’re a potential employer, or a potential girlfriend or wife, or just some random person who, for whatever unthinkable reason, finds me interesting — it’s all right here. I don’t hide. Judge me if you want, it’ll just save me the time I might have wasted trying to be your friend.

The only thing I do not share is other people’s business. Getting involved in my life does not automatically mean it’s open season on someone else’s life. So I won’t write about my father’s business, or my friends’ business, or my brother’s business, or (when I have one) my girlfriend’s business. That’s not my place. And if you’re one of those people, I expect you to appreciate that I keep your privacy in your hands, not mine. Don’t come to me upset because I didn’t mention you… just be glad that I left as your own issue to manage. If you want to share something, share it on your blog. I’ll happily link to it.

But me? I’m an open book. You think you’ve discovered some secret about me? I’ll bet you there’s a lot more, right there, publicly available to the world, in those links above.

What about you? Are you honest about who you are, or are you pretending, like everyone else? Do you have the balls to put your entire life online? If not, the rest assured, you don’t have any room to judge me for what you find.

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