6th June
written by Randy

For my minimalist weekend, I decided to try something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while: I traveled out of town without packing any luggage.

In fact, my plan was to take nothing at all, but because my new job requires me to tote a laptop, and because my flight out was directly after work, it turned out that I did have my laptop bag with me, and since I knew that would be the case, I did put my toothbrush and an extra change of underwear and socks into the bag before I left home Friday morning.

So that’s all that was in my possession for three full days: a laptop, a cell phone, a toothbrush, and one change of underwear and socks. And it was extremely liberating!

I made my way through airports in record time. I got onto and off of airplanes with more ease than ever before. And most notably, I never had to do that last-minute inventory before leaving a hotel room or turning in the rental car — you know, the one where you look in all the corners to make sure you didn’t leave something behind. It’s nice to just walk out, knowing you couldn’t have left anything because you had nothing to leave!

At every moment, I felt completely free to do anything I wanted, or to change my plans to whatever sounded fun, because there was never any reason I had to return to any place, except to the airport in time for my flight home.

I think in the future, I will always try to travel this way, bringing little or nothing with me.