31st May
written by Randy

Today I started a new job. With the exception of a few weeks working short contracts for extra spending money, I really haven’t had a job since last October, when my engagement ended after a year with a company I had hoped to stay with.

In a break from what has been my pattern for the past several years, this is a full-time position — that is to say that it’s a long-term commitment, rather than a contract. Several people have remarked that it must have been a really exciting opportunity for me to make that decision, and they’re right: it really is an exciting opportunity.

I’ll be in a position to do what I love, and to help others learn to love it the way I do. I’ll be working with people I respect, and with whom I enjoy working. And as part of my generous compensation package, I have gotten a commitment to allow me more to travel much more than what a typical person is allowed in a normal American company — the most important detail that led to me accepting the offer.

Now I’m excited to find out where this will lead, and in what other new ways my year will be amazing as a result of this!