20th June
written by Randy

I’ve been thinking about Facebook privacy. There’s always such an uproar over Facebook’s privacy settings. But why? Most people on Facebook post things that don’t matter: uninteresting photos of people nobody knows, statuses about what they had for dinner, how boring their day was, etc. And those people I know who actually do share “private” things are sharing those things publicly everywhere, so it’s not a privacy issue.

People are fooling themselves every day. If you watch how sites like Facebook and Twitter are used, you notice that people are great at acting like other people care, but they’re lousy at doing things anyone would actually care about.

And so I think I’ve figured out what the privacy issue is all about: people want their privacy because they don’t want a permanent public record of how boring they really are. It’s okay if they and their boring friends wallow in each other’s boredom together, but none of them want history to reflect the fact that they never really lived.

Well, that’s not good enough for me. I want to live, and I want history to record it. To hell with privacy. I want people to Google me and find all the exciting things I’ve done — and that, of couse, means I need to be doing exciting things!

Watching tv isn’t enough. When people search for me, I want them to see all the places I’ve traveled; I want then to discover how many languages I’ve learned; I want them to see how I conquered long-distance running, how I lived with few possessions, how I learned to live without an alarm clock or a phone, and much more that I haven’t done yet!

And that’s my challenge to you, too. Instead of trying to silence the record of what you haven’t done, get out and do something. Stop fitting in; when you fit in, you just become boring like everyone else.

Forget about Facebook’s privacy. Be someone who others would be interested in discovering. Stand out. Leave Google a reason to know you lived.