written by Randy

I am the happiest person I know.

Seriously. Let that sink in. I am the happiest person I know. And not some fake kind of happy, like those cult members with the blank smile and the “power of positive thinking” rhetoric. I mean I am genuinely happy.

Sometimes, I irritate my friends because I can’t stop singing. I tell stupid jokes that make people groan and punch me in the arm. I never wake up in a bad mood. Never. I never experience insomnia. I have no fears. I have no worries. I have no stress.

My life has been an amazing climb. I try to make every year amazing. Right now, I am already doing amazing things that were just dreams when I was a kid. But that’s not good enough, and I’m not done. By raising the bar every year, I hope to be doing things in a few years that I never even thought were possible as a kid.

But more importantly, I want to help others to have the same sense of boundlessness and possibility that I feel. I want to share with others the secrets to my carefree life, because the best part about what I have is that there are no limits. I can give it away and still have it.

So that is the point of The Yearly Challenge. Every year, I will set huge goals — big, meaningful things — and then I will spend the year talking about my progress and how I’m working to accomplish them.

This is different from a new year’s resolution. I think most new year’s resolutions are destined to fail… not because of lack of commitment or mentality, but because they are actually too easy. Most people set a year-long goal to do something that can be done very quickly. Then, because they secretly know it’s not difficult, they put it off until the interest is gone.

The difference for me is that I don’t bother with simple goals. I prefer to set huge goals — the kind of goals which, if you don’t get started right away, you won’t have much of a chance to succeed. And the beauty of goals like this is that even failure is better than most people’s success.

Every year, one of those goal will include learning to speak a new language fluently. At present, I already speak Spanish, Russian, and Italian fluently, and each year that list will grow. I will talk loosely about that progress here, but if you’re interested in languages, I will write in detail about my language progress at my other blog Fluent Every Year.

In addition to language goals, I will also have travel goals, health goals, and personal improvement goals. While language and travel are personally important because they are things that interest me, I think everyone should be working toward health and personal improvement goals at all times.

Mostly, I hope to help people find ways to stay motivated and reach those goals.

I’m glad you’ve found my web site. I hope you like it.