Current Challenge

written by Randy

2010 is in the books now. I succeeded at almost everything I set out to do, and also had a lot of other amazing experiences along the way.

Now it’s 2011, and I’m already getting started on a new set of challenges. Watch this space over the next few weeks to see what adventures I decide to take on!

Challenge #1: Visit 20 cities in Europe

On my 30-day trip to Italy in January, I managed to reach 15 cities. With 2 weeks in Poland I reached 3 more.
status: 90% — Just 2 more to go…

Challenge #2: Own 100 things

Clothing is down to 42 items. I’ll count the rest soon.
status: Getting close!

Challenge #3: Learn to speak Turkish

Every year I learn a new language, and this year it will be Turkish. But this time, I’m going to do it without any learning products! More details about this challenge and languages in general can be found at
status: forming basic sentences

Challenge #4: Run a Marathon

I’m registered for the Columbus Marathon in October, whether I like it or not. I’ve started running, but so far I’m really bad at it. A marathon is 40km. My longest run so far was just over 10km. I’m getting there!
status: 50% — Half way!

Challenge #5: Sell an app in Apple’s app store

I’ve registered as an iOS developer. Now I need to decide what app to make.
status: Deciding what to make

Challenge #6: Dance

I’ve begin attending dance lessons and found that I love it! I still need some kind of goal to make this real.
status: Learning salsa and swing