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13th November
written by Randy

I have enjoyed artistic photography for most of the last decade now, and people are always telling me that I’m really good at it. I couldn’t begin to count how many times people have said to me “you’re really good at this, you need to do something with this talent”.

Aaahhh, those magic meaningless words: “do something”. It’s the easiest advice to give someone: everyone thinks I should do something, but nobody has anything specific in mind. It’s as if people believe that all you need is a talent, and suddenly you will magically become rich and famous.

Well, I enjoy photography. I enjoy it a lot. And because I enjoy it so much, there is no way I could ever do it professionally, because sacrificing my own creative expression in order to get a paycheck would be something I couldn’t get over.

At any rate, I’ve posted my photography on Flickr (NSFW!) and I’ve been amazed at the number of views and comments I’ve received! And even more exciting, one of those comments came from a publisher who wanted to add some of my photos to an upcoming compilation book.

The process took almost a year, but that book is finally available and I am officially a published photographer. And what’s even more exciting about that is that I’m in very good company. There are a lot of really talented photographers with photos included in the book.

It’s not for everyone. The book features photos of naked people, and so do my photos. (You can see why I enjoy it so much!) But if you like to see really creative and artistic photos of human beauty, you’re sure to love the book. And the price isn’t bad either.