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12th January
written by Randy

You probably already know that one of my goals every year is to learn a new language. This is something I’m particularly passionate about, and I deal with the topic more specifically on my language blog Yearlyglot, where I give tips about learning, share what I’ve learned, and update on my progress.

So here, I won’t go into all the details of how to learn a language, I’ll just be giving brief updates on my progress to learn a new language this year… and the language I have chosen to learn in 2011 is Turkish.

Choosing to learn a foreign language is a big task to undertake, and if you don’t have a strong interest in what you’re doing, you can’t be successful. I don’t just randomly choose languages for the sake of learning languages. I don’t want to waste my time learning something I’ll never use, and if the day ever arrives that there’s no new language that I want/need to use, my time as a “yearlyglot” will be done.

So… why did I choose Turkish? I chose for several reasons:

  • First, I really enjoyed my short visit to Uzbekistan last year. I took a great liking to Central Asia, and would love to visit more. Several Central Asian countries speak languages which are variants of Turkish, so knowing Turkish (the most prominent Turkic language) will make it easier to understand the rest of those languages.
  • I also have known several Turkish friends over the years, and would enjoy communicating with them in their language, as they do with me in mine.
  • I’m going to prove out a brand new language learning theory this year, and in order to get fair results, I needed to choose a language unlike any I already know, in order to avoid putting my results into question.
  • I want to visit Turkey! I think Turkish food is my favorite food on earth, and I know that Turkey has several beautiful vacation destinations, especially popular among Russians. Speaking Turkish would make me far more comfortable visiting this interesting place.
  • I enjoy the sounds of Turkish music, and I would love to know what they’re singing about!

So, that’s why I’ve chosen Turkish. I’m really looking forward to the end of this year, when I will (hopefully!) be a fluent Turkish speaker, and maybe even a trip to Istanbul next January!

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