Yearly Challenge, 2010

written by Randy

My goals for the year 2010 were:

  • to be 100% debt free
  • to have set foot in all 50 states
  • to travel abroad
  • to speak Italian fluently

So how did I do?

…to be 100% debt free

The year started out with a few bumps, but I was able to reach this goal by summer. Since then, I have been completely debt free, and the difference is amazing. I no longer feel that prison of debt around me. I am now free to do whatever I want in life.
status: success!

…to travel abroad

I kicked my travel abroad into gear with a trip to Uzbekistan in April. I drove to Vancouver, Canada during a trip to Seattle in May. And In August I went to Barcelona. I always wanted to be a world traveler, and now I am.
status: success!

…to speak Italian fluently

I’ve read several books, and enjoyed several movies in Italian, and I’m having conversations and telling stories with minimal difficulty. There’s always more to be learned, but I’m speaking Italian fluently, and I did it in a year.
status: success!

…to have set foot in all 50 states

visited states
I came really close. I made it to all 48 of the continental states, which means I completed 96% of my goal. I only missed Hawaii and Alaska. But even though I fell short in 2010, I’m still going to visit those two places and finish this goal as soon as I can.
status: really close!

In summary

I accomplished a lot this year. I learned to speak Italian fluently, I saw almost all of the United States, and also got started on seeing the rest of the world… and best of all, I did all debt free! Along the way, I also did several other things things that really made 2010 an amazing year!